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Remember of Juicy in Brazil. 2019


The Illegaal Belgium team disembarks in Brazil the summer 2018, and its first stop is in the A7MA gallery, on the anniversary date of Sao Paulo.  Starting a collaboration between the cities of São Paulo and Brussels, iLLegaaL has just produced its first batch of beers in Brazil.

For this opportunity the brewery invited artists from São Paulo to collaborate with artists from Brussels. The result of this collaboration is a collective exhibition "Bruxelas encontra São Paulo",

with Belgian artists Créons (Les crayons), Korsa and Maru Kay, and Paulista # Sliks #, Erica Mizutani and Onesto.

 On January 25th, São Paulo's birthday, we invite everyone to open the exhibition!

Let's occupy "A7MA" and the car park next to it with a live painting done by the 6 artists, DJs, live music and lots of beer!   And on Saturday, January 27, come and enjoy the afternoon on the A7MA with live performance by Belgian multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bolton!