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Two girls, two voices, one guitar, one SP404 sampler, a synthesizer and loads of good vibes from 90's and 00's.Julie Rens et Sasha Vovk, deux chanteuses bruxelloises, vous présente un duo qui vous rendra nostalgique des années 90 & early 2000. 

21/7/2017 Herzeele à la Fermette de la Briqueterie
22/7/2017 Lille - http://bit.ly/2ud35Db
24/7/2017 Ile de Ré
25/7/2017 Ile de Ré - http://bit.ly/2vEXwLT
26/7/2017 Ile de Ré au Kustom'S Diner
27/7/2017 Dignac Ici Le Grand Jeu

28/7/2017 Chambalon - http://bit.ly/2tJmmIR

29/7/2017 Valaurie

30/7/2017 Vesc

France JUL 2017

Andrew Bolton

Andrew Bolton is a great singer from brussels. We organize a solo tour with him and we are know working on his album. He play in lot's of different bands sutch as reverent Juke, Morning call, ...