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is the first beer we produced in 2016. Originally conceived in the cellar of an old Schaerbeek house.

It is a Golden Ipa 

sweet in bitterness and strongly blossomed 

thanks to its subtle blend of European and American hops. 

Every batch we invite different artist to create new stickers. That's why they are more than 100 of it 


(5.8% ABV / 35 IBU / 21 EBC)

Screen shot 2017-03-24 at 15.39.59.png


is the second beer developed by "Brasseries Illegaal". Initially Dedicated for the Illegaal festival (4 days event in feb 2017), its success encourage us to produce it on a larger scale. 


It is a BLOND ALE 

slightly spiced with coriander. 

Its floral nose is well counterbalanced by malt flavor. Its low bitterness and soft carbonation makes it easy to drink... 


(6.2% ABV/ 28 IBU/ 20 EBC)


is the last beer we produced.

Khop-Killer is a very Smooth & Hazy Beer with an explosion of Hops.
Perfect for the summer with a big "Sliffff"


(5.8% ABV / 35 IBU / 21 EBC)


is a light-bodied, crisp drinking, nicely hopped lager. Some speciaal malt adds a mild spiciness, whichis balanced by a light, fruity, floral hop aroma.


(5.1% ABV)